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Anila Das




It has been my ambition for years to attain my Ph.D. with the aspiration to earn the title of Dr. Das and advance my professional career. My professional career has been apprised of work within higher education for the last 22 years. I have had the opportunity to explore and transition through multiple roles through the years as instructional dean, faculty, department chair, and training consultant, to name a few. However, my road has always led me back to where I find my passion lies: in the classroom with students. Teaching has been the backbone of my career, and I have a true passion for what I do.


This semester, as I sit and reflect on this journey, I can see a glimpse of the bright future that awaits me and the doors that will open with the completion of this Ph.D. My research focus is Virtual Reality (VR) and the transformation it informs within education.

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"The Power of Immersive Experience"

Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else has ever thought.

                                                                 - Albert Einstein

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